Meet Bringx Farmers- Zach from 2 Pea in a Pod Farm

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Meet Bringx Vendors- Interview with Zach from Two Peas In A Pod Family Farm

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Two Peas In A Pod is a family farm established in beautiful San Luis Obispo since 1985.

Today we interviewed Zach, who grew up helping his parents on the farm and in the farmers market, to share his story being a second generation farmer and how he practice!

Below is the full interview:

1. What is the history of your farm? What inspired you to become a farmer?

My mother grew up in the cattle land and my dad is a farmer. We are the first people to introduced sugar peas and sugar snaps in the area. 

Me and my brothers grew up helping their parents in the farmer market. I went to cal poly majored in crop science and took over the farm after graduating. 

2. What are your farming practices? What are your neighboring farms’ farming practices?

We aren’t certified organic but we practice sustainable farming. We choose to practice the traditional farming because we know it is the way to leave less carbon prints in the world. 

I believe that organic farming can’t be sustainable with the amount of carbon emission, which is 30x more than conventional, that comes with it. We believe that conventional farming is way more practical. 

3. What does a typical week look like for you?

On Mondays I send out the newsletter. The rest of the days I just walk around the farm, making rows, laying irrigation, planting and manning the booths in farmers markets. 

4. Who is helping on the farm?

I work on the farm with my mother and my best friend. We have us three farmers and three pickers.


5. What crops do you grow during different seasons?

Winter: cauliflower, orange, Italian, Kale, Brussel sprout and kale, dry beans, jams, jalapeno jams,  fresh beans, berries

Summer: berries, berries (blueberries, mole berries, black berries), 12 variety of beans (red, white, black beans and different variety of that)


6. What is the most difficult challenge your farm is facing right now?

Every year is kind of different because of the weather variation. Frost and rain help with winter crops but not the summer crops.

Selling is also difficult. We only sell at farmers markets and a few restaurants in LA.

It's also difficult to consistently keep up with the demand because we have a smaller farm where there is less variation and that are more vulnerable to weather.


7. Share one thing that you are most proud of about your farm.

Me, my mom and my best friend do everything from the beginning to the end. From buying the seed, planting, harvesting, packaging and selling.


8. Share one thing you like the most about being a farmer.

First, I’m my own boss! Besides that, I eat very well! Being a farmer made me a food snob because I know what a good quality of food is!

On top of that, my favorite things is the satisfaction I get from educating people where they’re getting their foods from. I like the direct communication with the customers, Things such as sharing recipes for a specific unique type of crop is very rewarding!


9. What do you wish most people knew more about sustainable farming?

As someone who majored in agriculture, I wish people know that organic farming is overrated and just a marketing buzz word.


10. What is the best way for people to support your farm?

It's to purchase from our farm (wink wink) and ask questions about the produce!


11. Where do you see your farm in the next 5 years? 10 years?

Our family has also been working on a specific kind of dry beans as we have seen a huge demand surge for our dry beans during covid. We are currently working with 5 restaurants in LA who are willing to pay the more premium price. We just want to expand.

Our goal is to be the "biggest small farm" we can be!


That is it with Zach from Two Peas in a Pod Farm! You can support their farm by purchasing from them here.

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