All Purpose Cleaner, 4 Pack

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Product Description

  • Each case of 12 pcs includes an assortment of 16.9oz refillable glass sprayer bottles preloaded with our four fragrances: 3x Coconut Calm, 3x Breathe (Eucalyptus), 3x Minty Mood (Mint & Mango), 3x Baby Love (Lavender).
  • Formulated by a natural biochemist and a clean freak health-conscious mom, our 100% Non-toxic all-purpose cleaner is fragranced with organic essential oils that use skin-safe and food-contact safe ingredients that are Pet-Safe, Baby-Safe, Vegan, PETA Certified, and Made in the US.
  • Suitable for every surface that can get wet, it removes bacteria, dirt, and grime safely without endangering your and your family’s health.
  • Pick the aroma to match your mood and clean happily and thoroughly for a squeaky clean that leaves you surrounded by the healing aromas of the organic essential oils to inhale with ZERO harmful chemicals to worry about.

About the Brand: The Cleaner Soul

100% Non-Toxic | Organic Essential Oils | Skin-Safe & Food-Contact Safe Ingredients | Pet-Safe | Baby-Safe | Vegan | PETA Certified | Made in the US

My name is Amanda Leibowitz, aka your Cleaner With Benefits.

I’ve always been a “clean freak”, even more so once I had children. However, upon learning that I was subjecting my family to serious, long-term health risks as a result of the harmful, toxic chemical products I was bringing into my home, I knew there had to be a better way.

After experimenting, I found a 100% all-natural formula that worked better than before, and with the addition of pure organic essential oils, smelled fresh and fantastic.

Formulated by a natural biochemist, our all-purpose cleaners are not only fragranced with essential oils that are suitable for any surface that can get wet, but they also remove bacteria, dirt, and grime safely without endangering you or your family's health.

Pick the aroma to match your mood and clean happily, with a peace of mind and soul.

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