Build Your Own Bag (Medium): Farm-Fresh Organic Fruit and Veggie Mix

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Product Description

Get a bag of fresh veggies, fruits, and other farm fresh goodies delivered to door!

100% organic & chemical free. From small family farms. Delivered to door.

We will contact you by email or text for item customization 24 hrs after you place an order.

We deliver every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday!

Choose Your Bag

Mixed Fruit & Veggie Grab Bag

Our most popular service, this bag is a great choice for families and people who like fresh fruit and enjoy cooking a few times a week. You will get 3-5 different types of fruits and 3-5 different types of vegetables.

No Cooking Grab Bag

Perfect for those on the go, this bag offers mostly fruit and only fast, easy-to-prepare vegetables to make eating fresh fruit and vegetables easy. You will get 6-10 different types of fruits and vegetables.

Snack Pack Grab Bag

A smart choice for healthy snacking, each box comes with easy-to-eat, fresh fruit to keep you fruit-fueled and productive. Kids love them! You will get 6-10 different types of fruits and vegetables.

Example bag item list:

1 basket of organic crimson apples

2 organic red pears

5 organic mandarins

3 organic persimmons

4 organic pluots

1 bag of organic green beans

1 organic red cabbage

1 lb of organic brussel sprouts

1 bunch of organic kale

1 bag of organic arugula

1 organic living butter lettuce

1 lb of organic colorful baby potato mix

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